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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> a tornado! across highway 81. it almost got out. >> tonight a deadly outbreak of tornados in the midwest. some were videotaped on the ground. others in the air. and the destruction was broadcast live. >> they just came out of their house. i can not believe that. pull back, chuck. that's their house. >> all of this has the search for survivors in joplin, missouri enters its third night with the death toll still rising and communications still crippled. good evening. >> that line of storms that produced tornados in oklahoma and texas now is on top of missouri. and there are lots of prayers being said in that part of the country tonight. jay gray has our report from joplin. >> oh, my gosh! the motion is tremendous. >> reporter: another assault
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from mother nature this time the target is oklahoma. >> half mile wide, another killer tornado. across highway 81 has really intensified and almost got us. roipt line . >> reporter: the line of storms moving in on joplin, missouri, suffering from so much loss. the devastation stretches for six miles, more than 1,000 structures destroyed by the ef-5 tornado with winds over 200 miles an hour. but those are just numbers. the reality is these are lives that are splintered and torn apart. >> well we look at it for two days now and doesn't get any easier every time you look at it. >> 300 yards spread through here. >> reporter: if there is any hope here it has been found by the search-and-rescue teams that today pulled two more survivors from the rubble. hope that can also be seen in survivors who are finding remnants of their lives before the storm. but that is tempered by the somber news that more victims have been identified.
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more than 120 people now confirmed dead as a result of the violent twister. >> world war iii. this is like, just a bomb dropped on us. >> reporter: the aftermath of the battle is overwhelming. >> if you are alive then you got out of this you had a miracle. >> reporter: emotions that just like everything else here are stretched to their limits. jay gray, nbc news, joplin, missouri. the pictures coming from that area are just frightening. it has been a wild come of days in the middle of the country. doug is here with more. >> now, we saw, tornados around the oklahoma city area, one storm right over the dallas area earlier. still waiting to see about any damage from there. those same storms are now right now over joplin, missouri, the area that we do not want to see any storms occur. take a look, we will zoom in. joplin is down to the south and west of spring field. they have had a tornado warning in effect until 11:00 our time. that has now been lifted. but now dealing with a severe
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thunderstorm warning in the joplin area. you can see fort smith, arkansas. tomorrow that line will shift to the east into major cities. once again it could be st. louis, it could be memphis, it could be indianapolis. we will have more on this coming up later on. we do have one storm in our area. that storm right now producing some rain into portions of fairfax county. it is not severe. >> thank you, derek. >> a man was pulled from the potomac river in georgetown. he had been taking pictures along the waterfront when he fell about 25 feet. the man was able to cling to the wall until a rescue team got there. he is expected to be okay now. two metro transit officers involved in a scuffle with a man in a wheelchair. now, are off the street and the u.s. attorney's office is getting involved. jackie benson has details outside u street station in northwest. jackie? >> jim, metro tonight confirms
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that the officers had been placed on desk duty, no contact with the public. after their encounter with an allegedly intoxicated man in a wheelchair. according to an internal memo obtained by news 4, the officer seen in the youtube video have been removed from full duty status. while "the united states attorney's office is investigating this incident as they do all such cases that involve use of force." the video take be in a passer-by's cell phone camera shows some of what happened when the officers tried to arrest a man in the wheelchair at u-street cardoza station thursday. metro said the man refused to take an open container citation, resisted arrest and fell out of his wheelchair. dwight harris told news 4 yesterday the officers threw him. >> of course, that's when they threw me down on the ground. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office confirms charges of assault on a police officer have been dropped.
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but harris, whom sources say had an extremely high blood alcohol level, .30, still faces the open container charge. >> i was completely in my mind at the time. i know everything that went down. you know? i wasn't, was not intoxicated. >> reporter: the officers who have not been named are the subject of an internal affairs investigation which is routine in cases like this. jim, back to you. >> jackie benson, thank you, jackie. >> military helicopter had to make an emergency landing at national harbor this evening. happened about 8:30 tonight. nobody was hurt. there was no damage to the helicopter. it is not yet clear why the crew decided to make the emergency landing. >> police are investigating a rather unusual bank robbery near national zoo. we have learned that the burglar got into the bank, bank of america, that is, on connecticut avenue through the wall of an adjacent business that is under renovation.
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bank officials won't say how much money was taken if any, the fbi is expected to release surveillance pictures tomorrow. the d.c. government may have failed to collect tens of millions of dollars in commercial property taxes over the past ten years. that allegation from private attorneys comes as the d.c. council is set to take a vote tomorrow on a new budget that includes tax increases and service cuts. d.c. finance officials dispute amounts that may be involved, but acknowledge that they're looking at possible mistakes in taxes on the sale or refinance of commercial properties. the vast 50 years of margar her garden. a upon the of pride for her community in herndon, virginia. tonight as her family surrounds her in the hospital, friends and neighbors took to the garden. craig melvin has our report. >> reporter: besides being one of the prettiest playgrounds in fairfax county. this is a great spot for a budding photographer. >> because there is a lot of
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things that you wouldn't usually see. >> reporter: what's blossomed here was never really supposed to be. margaret thomas started planting in 1963 out of necessity. >> she had a son to raise by herself. so she started selling some of her produce. >> reporter: soon her flou is would steal the show. while gardeners, stopped to buy one of the famous irises she showcased others. >> she has i don't know how many different types. it is a very peaceful place. and margaret always welcomes the children, welcomes any, anybody to her garden. >> for nearly 50 years this garden has acted as a sanctuary, and the classroom, it sits on five acres in fairfax county, a very valuable plot of land, so valuable in fact several years ago a developer offered margaret $4.5 million for it. margaret refused to sell. >> she really hoped to preserve it as a park, flower garden. >> a neighbor for 30 years, and tuesday she sat worrying whether that can happen now.
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margaret thomas is 89 years old. she is in the hospital, critically ill, and the prognosis is not good. she was there today as talk turned to her legacy. >> you look at all the joy she brought to people. you drive around any neighborhoods in here, fox mill, and yards are full of her irises and peonies. >> margaret's neighbors like the idea of a park as tribute to her and for their children. >> they should have a nice place they can come, learn about flowers, about the bulbs, natures, seasons of life. >> craig melvin, news 4. still ahead tonight the reason half a dozen passenger trains were stuck for hours in northern virginia. >> we talk exclusively with the second transgendered woman to be attacked in our area in a matter of weeks. of weeks. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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introducing the all-new 2012 cls from mercedes-benz. where the world's greatest automobiles take shape. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. a breaken down freight train delayed hundreds of people frying to get home tonight. a csx train that broke down in alexandria. and blocked all trains going to and from washington to points south. the accident delayed at least five amtrak trains and three vre trains. for about two hours. >> a woman in fredericksburg,
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virginia, speaking out about a vicious attack over the weekend. she says a group of teenagers jumped her in broad day light and beat her to the ground outside of a 7-eleven because of her sexual orientation. the victim said the mental pain is far worse than the physical pain. >> it was all about -- this is why we are hitting you, physically, the pain is nothing compared to emotional. it's nothing. it hurts. it really hurts to be the freed like a dog. that's the way i feel like i was treated like a stray animal. >> police have arrested two teenagers in the beating of the transgender woman. they're still looking for two others. >> coming up tonight, they function on three to four hours sleep each night. they thrive at it. up next, a closer look at short sleepers. >> doug is back to tell us when
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[ all ] what's in your wallet? who wouldn't like more hours in the day to finish the to do list. some people are getting those extra hours every night. they're known as short sleepers. and they can function perfectly well on just a few hours of sleep. >> it's totally normal for me. i have never known anything different. >> what feels normal for elaina angelie is abnormal for most of us. >> i sleep less than 4 1/2.
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i'm definitely tired during the day. if i sleep more than 7 1/2, there is a sweet spot between five and six. >> the 35-year-old says she gets about five and a half hours of shut eye every night and never needs coffee or a nap. >> my mother says i stopped napping when i was 3. i'm sure it drove her crazy. >> while lots of people think they can get by on just a few hours of sleep, researchers say only 1% of the population are true short sleepers. meaning they don't need the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. they're a combination of early bird and night owl. and they never feel exhausted during the day. >> we are really just beginning to understand the true short sleeper. not the overworking, individual, who just pushes too hard and plug throughs. >> the doctor, a medical director for center for sleep and wake disorders in chevy chase, says researchers have found a genetic link between people who function on such little sleep. most short sleepers tend to be
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thin, with faster metabolisms, they have a higher tolerance for pain, and are usually of european descent. but surprisingly, they don't develop any of the healthi is issues. >> i'm certainly jealous of them. but the rest of us -- not getting that minimum threshold of sleep really takes its toll on us. >> studies have shown not getting enough sleep can affect everything from risk of heart disease and diabetes to weight gain. >> the newer data over recent years shows it is during sleep we balance our caloric intake and manage our calories and manage our weight. >> the doctor says the best way to make sure you're getting the rest you need is to keep a sleep journal, keep notes on things like, whether you feel refreshed in the morning or how you are feeling late in the afternoon. but for elaina angelie, she realizes she is genetically blessed. >> it's extra time to dupe the things you really enjoy for
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yourself. not necessarily -- looking to achieve something more. >> researchers are still studying this phenomenon. they have looked at thousands of people who believe they were natural short sleepers. but only 50 of them actually fit the criteria. >> huh. >> that's not me. >> yeah, unfortunately nobody has come up with a way to develop the skill either. i guess you are either, you are either born with it genetically or not. too bad for the rest of us. >> yeah, we have right now a couple showers out there. fortunately for us we dodged severe weather over the past couple days. we have a chance of severe weather yesterday. really did not materialize, same deal during the day today. out there, at union station, a couple of showers outside right now. the clouds continue to roll on through. a few showers left over from what we saw earlier today that is really going to be about it. record high temperature today, actually, for the high today, high temperature was 87 degrees. low this morning. 67. so, well above average during the day today.
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nice and warm. yes we did see a few showers and have a few out there right now. 72 degrees at the airport. wind at 9 miles an hour. the dew point of 68. a little bit on the humid side out there as well. the radar picture showing what is going on around the region. showers into portions of d.c. also a few light showers, prince william county. biggest shower, even little thunderstorm, little earlier. kind of died down now, around burke, fairfax county back towards centerville, right along the beltway here along i-95. will make its way through lex lex, through mt. vernon and prince george's county. next hour. we are not talking any thunderstorms. no lightning with thesech these are just showers. where we are looking at the storms though. out to the west. let's go ahead and move out to the west back towards portions of the midwest. talking springfield, missouri. talking joplin, missouri. oklahoma city, wichita, down towards dallas. all under the gun day from severe weather. this is joplin under a severe
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thunderstorm warning right now. looking at that storm on top of joplin. did have potential for a tornado earlier. that has been dropped. no tornado there now. just severe weather moving through the joplin, missouri area as we speak. after this, though, hopefully they can calm down. 87 degrees out there right now. the high temperature here. richmond got up to 92. another warm day tomorrow. not quite so warm. i think temperatures will come down a little bit. also feel a little more comfortable tomorrow afternoon. see a mix of clouds and sun. probably more sun than clouds. best chance of showers stays to the west. look what happens thursday. we see the shower chance return, some of the showers thursday may be on the strong side. not anticipating anything too severe. partly cloudy tomorrow morning. continued warm as you step out the door. 62 to 67 degrees. tomorrow afternoon into the middle 80s. # 3 to 87 degrees. an isolated storm possible. once again i think most will remain along i-81 and pints to the west. the next few days warming up to
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90, thursday, friday, saturday. exactly what you want to see for the memorial day holiday, sunday into monday. temperatures stay in the mid to upper 80s. next chance of rain comes on sunday. but no real threat, of any real big severe weather outbreaks in our area. >> lot of swimming pools open on saturday. i guess 90 would be good. >> lot of boating too. >> thank you, doug. >> we have sports up next. redskins rookies out there on
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got to practice. i moon you haean you have to pr
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it is not official. >> we talked how the redskins are getting ready to photo copy their playbook pages to get the rookies. redskins started their second group of players only, fletcher ran the defense. beck, who seemingly will compete for the starting job if rex grossman resigns. ran the offense. the practice lasted just over two hours. and in northern virginia high school. london fletcher arrived with the goods. this is a familiar scene here. and smith right there on the left. watched as john beck and rex grossman both took reps. those rookies, that's what they were all about. despite a lockout. the rookies were out there getting used to working full speed. they had to take a little bit of rookie hazing. not too bad. ryan kerrigan said tough wasn't running through the drills. >> this was just a starter, it was more mental than physical. it's good. got to work through a couple defenses. a come of formations getting used to the linebacker position. >> i'm not familiar with a lot
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of the guys here. trying to get used to everybody. my first time around. everybody. that's good. and, went to school with him. played with him. good to have somebody that i am familiar with. >> it was more comfortable nan that. i think, fletcher and did a really good job. and incorporating us, getting us to talk and introducing us in the beginning. >> moving on. good news and bad news for the nationals. bad news one night after he hit three home runs for the brewers, cory hart was at it again. good news, the nationals found their own power at the plate. but right now, milwaukee leads it 7-6. top of the ninth. bases are loaded. take you back to the start. hernandez getting the start tonig tonight. and this wasn't one he wanted to see. bottom of the first. no score. one on for cory hart. what is this guy doing. what does he know the nationals don't. five at-bats. man. milwaukee. taking a slide. milwaukee leads it 2-0, then top of the third inning.
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score, 2-1, brewers. based loaded for michael morris. this guy delivers. a towering home run. down the left field line. his first career grand slam. nationals take a 5-2 lead. in the bottom of the eighth. nationals bullpen cannot hold the lead. two on. jonathan lecroix, the ball down the right field line. picks the chalk. fair ball. mcgee comes tine tie up the lead. and wilson ramos. getting on to the ball. the brewers take a 7-6 lead. that's how the game would end. the brewers have won. same two teams tomorrow at 1:10. to the nba playoffs. miami heat lead the series, against the bulls 2-1. true night looking to give chicago something they haven't had all season long. a third straight loss. right now still on overtime. lebron and the heat looking to take control of the series. derek rose not going to let that happen so easily. second quarter. the bulls were down two. rose drives hard to the basket. look at that.
11:26 pm
throws it down. he got the foul too, by the way, the bulls led by two. 46-44 at the half. end of the third. miami forces a turnover. former wizard, mike miller, lead the heat. gives it to lebron james. the monster jam, and deng cuts the bulls lead to two. under 10 seconds to go. tied at 85. derek rose, a chance to win it for the bulls. his shot comes up short. and we are going to overtime. currently, miami is leading in overtime. the score, 95-89. wow. >> nothing like playoff basketball. >> no, right? so exciting. those two teams. man. it is up for grabs. >> it is. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. [ horns honking ]
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president and mrs. obama attended a state dinner in their honor at buckingham palace. amidst the pageantry, there were a couple little awkward moments when the president tried to toast the queen, the band started playing god save the queen while he was still speaking. the song was supposed to go before the toast. the president also bowed instead of raising his glass when the queen toasted him. >> some are questioning the code name given president obama by scotland yard. police are referring to him as -- according to papers in london, the word means some one who is too clever for his own good. people of scotland yard say the [ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend?
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traveled 2,500 for his big break on "the voice" but now he is back to square one. ♪ still thinking about you >> he learned to play his guitar in his basement. he took his music to youtube and got 15 million views. his online popularity caught the attention of the voice produc s producers. he performed during the blind auditions. no one turned around. >> nobody ended up turning around for me. there was so much immense talent on the show it didn't really surprise me. didn't really bum me out. it really more so kind of gave me an extra boost to do what i want to do. and to keep going. >> for now, brad doggett is adding more music to his youtube page. 15 million views not


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